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James Brooks – “So in middle school I was a bit chubby, then in high school I went to the opposite end of the spectrum and lost tons of weight, but also lots of muscle. So I was that tall lanky dude in high school and into college (my before pic). After I started working with James & Jon, I realized how off my nutrition intake was. So we corrected how much I was getting in, we also adjusted my carbohydrate intake to include some carb cycling, carb ups, and I started to get rid of that stubborn bodyfat that was just sitting on top of my abs. I was tall and skinny but still had some fat on my abs, but after James & Jon adjusted my macros, it FINALLY started coming off. I also took lots of supplements before but really wasn’t 100% sure which ones were really worth it. I would see an ad in a magazine or a buddy recommend one and I would give it a try. James & Jon not only told me which supplements to take, but gave both research and rationale showing why they would be beneficial for my goals. We adjusted what I was taking and this really started accelerating my results. I was blown away by all of their knowledge on exercise, nutrition, and supplements. The biggest determining factor of if something works is results right? Well, my results have been awesome and I still work with James and Jon to this day.


Chris Chorney – “I asked James if he could come up with a training and nutrition program for the Air Force marathon I was to compete in. Long story short – I got first place. James provided a 9-month training plan that had everything from strength training workouts to sprint work to long slow distance work. Additionally he made me a nutrition and supplement plan. I was a full time student pilot, with very little time, and he made a plan that worked for my schedule. My run times shortened and I got faster. Huge thanks to James.”



Katlyn Eaton– “Over the years from not eating right and not knowing what to do for exercise, I gained a lot of weight. I came to James and Jon overweight and out of shape. They put together an exercise and nutrition program for me. We tracked my progress and as the weeks went by, I lost bodyfat and gained muscle. I WAS SO HAPPY!!! I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence and when you look better you feel better.”


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Jordan Kajencki – “I was a pretty skinny dude in college. I ran track in high school and was always skinny. I wanted to add some muscle so I started lifting weights, but wasn’t ever really sure if I was following the right workout program. I googled a few different ones and tried a few that looked good. After months of stalled progress I asked Jon who was one of the personal trainers in the gym at my school what he would recommend. Jon put together a workout program plus told me what I need to focus on nutrition wise, and literally I kid you not I started making progress again after being stalled out. We tracked my strength, bodyfat, muscle mass, and the positive results kept streaming in week after week. Working out with Jon was like pushing on the accelerator. I highly recommend if you want straight results contact Jon. His knowledge and expertise just cut the clutter of all the junk I read online and got me focused on what mattered. Thanks Jon.”



Dr. David Knox – “Mr. Powell is a superb trainer.  He is knowledgeable, polite and very direct in his working with clients and their specific needs.  He also speaks from experience.  He takes care of himself and is a great model.”


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Terry Campbell – “My experience with Jon Powell as my personal trainer was awesome! He helped me lose 50 pounds and he taught me how to lift weights correctly! He is a great personal trainer and anyone who trains with him will definitely be successful!”


Josh Needham – “I was really skinny in high school and didn’t start working out until college. I started off using generic workout programs and spending tons of money on supplements I saw in GNC. When I started working out with Jon he told me which supplements were a waste of money and which ones I was missing out on. Afterwards, I started getting better results while spending less money than I was before. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone looking to bulk up.”